Nail Polish HAUL!!!: ‘Spoiled’ and ‘Sinful Colors’


Total # of polishes: 14 [5 ‘Sinful Colors’, 9 ‘Spoiled’]

Cost: Both brands originally $ 1.99, but got a few of the ‘Spoiled’ on sale for $ .99 šŸ™‚

Purchased at: CVS [Spoiled] and Walgreens [Sinful Colors]

I’ll list them under their respective brands with colors and brief descriptions:

Lets start with Sinful Colors [since that group is smaller]

1) Lets start with the color that inspired me to stop in the nail polish section in the 1st place. I have been searching for this color forever. Its called ‘Neon Melon’ and its a neon yellow. It does need a few coats to really pop [or you can use a pastel yellow under it to get it brighter] but I love it.


2) The next one is a soft rose pink, called Star Fish, perfect for french manicure or a pretty-and-natural mani/pedi.


3) Thirdly, is Hazard [my current polish; check the polish of the week post for how it looks on nail]. Its a creamy pastel orange, which is quite pigmented [its not a necessity to use two coats with this one] and definitely one of my favorite polishes of the whole haul.


4) Fourthly, is a pretty, soft pastel yellow called Unicorn. Beautiful color, perfect spring/summer color.


5) Lastly for this product line is Casablanca, which is a high quality silver polish. Not my usual liking but something about it appealed to me. I’ll post pics when I finally wear it. But here it is…


Now for the bigger collection, Spoiled:

1) Starting with the ‘calmest’ color, my new collection features a creamy, light pink polish called My Button Fell Off.


2) Steel the Show is pretty, but hard to describe. Its kind of like a dark pastel grey, if that helps at all. I kno that description doesnt make much sense [I’m sorry :(] but that’s the best I could do. Hopefully the picture helps..


3) Next up is a slightly darker grey, almost a brownish grey called Pumping Gas [ Where in the world do they find these names from?! lol]. It seems like a nice color to pair with a pastel for a beautiful contrast. I’ll post pics when I try that theory out.


4) A pretty, soft orange polish, called Lets Get Sushi, is an amazing summer color. Its slightly less pastel than Hazard from Sinful Colors, and I picture it on perfectly pedicured toes on a walk in the sand


5) The first of three greens I purchased is called Toad-ally Amazing, and it is best described as a pastel jade green.


6) The second green I bought is called Distant Memory. Put simply, its a deep teal, with a semi-matte finish.


7) The last of the greens, and the beginning of my bolder collection of colors, is I Only Eat Salads. Its a bright yellow-green polish, quite creamy too. Certainly a statement color.


8) Now onto my other three really bold polishes. The first of which is Designated Driver. This is like street-sign kind of yellow. It packs a punch, and a very pigmented one at that. It takes a bit to impress me when it comes to yellow polishes, as I find that the potency it appears to have in the bottle is not up to par when applied to the nails. They are usually either watery or pale. This is absolutely not the case with this one. I’m so excited to wear it …


8) Next up is Jail Bait, a name perfectly suiting this bright neon orange. It really is as bright as a prison jumpsuit. Great way to add pop to a subtle outfit…


9) Lastly is Plastic Flamingo, which might even be my favorite one of all. Its bright neon pink and its gorgeous!! [insert a million miles and cheers here, lol]. I had this on a couple days ago and I just couldn’t stop look at my nails. They were so pretty!! (I’ll include a pic below so you can see the color payoff)



This pic was taken in the dead of night, so you can only imagine how bright it is in the sun :).

All in all I LOVE these polishes. The shades and quality are amazing, especially for the price. They are taking the place of some much more expensive polish that I have in my collection. I’m really excited I gave these brands and colors a chance I have no regrets!

As usual guys, thanks so much for taking the time to check out my page, I am really grateful. Please let me know which colors are your favorite in the comments section or which one you think I should try next [whether in this haul or one that I have not yet purchased]. Also, don’t forget to follow me and like this page, as well as add me on twitter @iluvbeautie425 so I can get to meet all you beautiful people. Until next time, have an awesome night šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Nail Polish HAUL!!!: ‘Spoiled’ and ‘Sinful Colors’

  1. Let me start by saying i admire your nails (what is your secret).i was a acryl wearing for years until recent pregnancy so now my nails are getting healthy again but beside the point lol. I absolutely love spoiled nail polish (have to get plastic flamingo)a few i think you’d like are fuzzy dice, loxy lady, shrimp on the barbie, my silicon popped, hit the brakes, did i get plastered, and i don’t drink cheap wine.

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping in!! šŸ™‚ …and thank you for the compliment!!I really don’t do much to them to be honest apart from polishing them, and a little cuticle oil here and there. My nails used to be really soft in high school because I bit them ALL the time. In college though, they began to harden, and now even nail technicians think I have on acrylic because my nails are so hard. Go figure huh? I’ve always wanted to do hand modeling, maybe I should look into that.
      I’m so delighted to meet a fellow avid ‘Spoiled’ user! I am going to go in search of those you named to add to my collection. Thaks for the recommendation!

  2. Just when I was getting happy that Sinful Colours has come over to the UK for good (sold at boots) … I now will have to wait for Spoiled to come as well … šŸ˜¦ … I need ‘Plastic Flamingo’, ‘I only Eat Salad’ and ‘Neon Melon’ in my life. Thanks for showcasing your finds šŸ™‚

    1. No problem…I’m glad you like them! Hopefully they make it on that side quickly….they are such great, pigmented colors, I’d love for every nail polish lover to try them out!

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