Day 5 of 31 Day Challenge: Blue Nails

Hey guys, See I’m getting better at this posting on time thing….aren’t ya’ll proud of me ? :)…. Anyway, I’m back for my ‘Day 5′ posting in this challenge: blue nails. I adore this color! It’s so rich and vibrant. It just jumps out at you….definitely the kind of color I’m drawn to. Hope you… Continue reading Day 5 of 31 Day Challenge: Blue Nails

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Shoe of the Day: ‘Keisa’ Boots by Mossimo

Ok people, fall is here!! Alright, maybe not quite [and being in South Florida, it kind of never is fall…its just summer or surface of the sun!!!] but you get my drift. I love fall fashion…the colors, the fabrics, the layering etc, its awesome. And one fashion statement I particularly love about fall is…..BOOTS!! Tall,… Continue reading Shoe of the Day: ‘Keisa’ Boots by Mossimo


Purses!! :D Bittersweet EBAY experience

So this is a bittersweet story guys….. In addition to my nail polish issue [ahem…addiction :)]…I also have an extremely strong, irresistible inclination towards purses. Clutches, totes, hobos, satchels…you name it, I WANT IT! With this kind of liking, EBAY has become one of my best friends, and sources for finding great deals on bags [you… Continue reading Purses!! 😀 Bittersweet EBAY experience


Verrrryy Long Overdue but: Day 3 of 31 Day Challenge

Hey guys, I know I said I was going to try and do the ‘daily challenges’ twice a week, but this past week has been quite hectic. Even my house got flooded out when my water heater broke so, as you can probably tell I have been a bit distracted.. But I am back!! [at… Continue reading Verrrryy Long Overdue but: Day 3 of 31 Day Challenge


The 31 Day Challenge [Nail Polish]

Hey guys…so I just came across this from one of the amazing blogs I’m subscribed to [twolaqueredgirls] and figured I would share this with my fellow followers/bloggers. Its called the 31 Day Nail Polish Challenge, and as the name says, it is a challenge to come up with these different nail looks daily for 31… Continue reading The 31 Day Challenge [Nail Polish]


Giveaway Winners!! and ‘Liker Appreciation’ Winner

Hey guys, just a quick announcement post….As you all know I had a contest running in last week for my page followers and general viewers/supporters. I had 3 entries, which made it really easy for me since there were 3 prizes [almost too easy]. The winners are as follows: 1st prize- Skaytanik 2nd prize- Dana… Continue reading Giveaway Winners!! and ‘Liker Appreciation’ Winner