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Hey everyone!

I recently gave in and went over to BH Cosmetics website the other day. I am an avid Youtube watcher, and I constantly hear the woman I follow rave about them, and how great their makeup is [especially the eye shadows apparently], and after hearing one of them go on and on about certain products she preferred from their line to MAC, and that they were having a sale, I took it as a sign that I just had to go see what all the hype was about.

I was not disappointed!

Now I am certainly a makeup fan, and when you are a makeup wearer, often times you will gravitate towards a certain product. For some people, its foundation. For others, it is blush. My two products are eye shadow and lip products. You may only find one or two foundations in my collection, but eye shadow?! Have mercy! Do I have some eye shadow!!!

The guru I was watching mentioned how awesome their foundations were as well, but I haven’t yet acquired the skill to match my skin tone for foundation online, so I headed to my tried and true product….eye shadow. They have quite a few large palettes, with various finishes, and they all seem to be highly pigmented, which is awesome [for me the more pigmented the better! For me, there is no sense for me to go through the trouble of putting on eye shadow if no one can even tell its there.]. I was, however, on a quest for a more compact palette, one that is easy to travel with but still provides me a wide range of colors to do whatever look I am feeling at the moment. I came across one of BH Cosmetics new releases called ‘Take me to Brazil’. I LOVE IT! The colors are so pigmented, and you can tell that the makers of the product really thought through the process. They included a large mirror, as well as large pans pf black and white eye shadows, perfect for lightening or darkening your look. The BH packaging is really fun as well, very colorful and easy to use. This palette is normally $ 19.95, but its on sale right now for $ 9.95, so all you lovers of bright colors, grab one today!

Another makeup buy from the website, was a gorgeous blush duo. They are called the BH Floral Blush Duos, and I am sure that no matter what skin tone you are, there is a blush duo there for you. All the shades look very pigmented, but with the ability to add a beautiful natural flush to the cheeks. The two colors can be worn separately or swirled together for a different color effect. They even included a mirror with this palette as well, which I am very grateful for, as it seems so many palettes do not come with mirrors these days. I chose the ‘Iris’ duo for my skin tone, and its awesome. These duos usually retail for $ 9.95, but are on sale now for $ 4.95.

Lastly,but certainly not least, was my third purchase….brushes. After all, how else would we apply these beautiful shades without our awesome brushes?! BH Cosmetics has a 7-piece hard case brush set, that is so chic and useful. Its a black faux leather cylinder hard case, with brushes for eyes, face, and lips. The brushes are really good quality for flawless makeup application. They also each have individual holder, with snap closure to hold them securely. It has two separate compartments, one for the powder brush and one for the other brushes, which are a blending brush, flat shader brush, lip brush, precision brush, angled definer brush, and fine eyeliner brush. The side that houses the powder brush also has a built in mirror, perfect for on-the-go touch ups. The entire case snaps closed for secure travelling. This set usually sells for $ 18.95, but is on sale now for $ 15.50.


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Hope you all like!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it!! Feel free to leave me any questions or comments, I love hearing from all of you! Don’t forget to like this post or click follow to get updates and giveaways!

If you have already tried any product from BH Cosmetics, please let me know how they worked for you, or any other product and company you think I should try out!

Love you all and talk to you soon!

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