My Blue Suede Shoes

Soo guyss! Im drooling!! Im grinning even just glimpsing over at them!! 😀 ……I’m in ‘shoelove’ right now. But before I even get into it, let me tell you guys how this started. I was out with my girlfriend who was visiting me from the Bahamas, and I went to get a repair on my recent gel manicure. While I was waiting to get that done, she went to go browse in a store next door to the nail shop. After about 30 min she came back with a bag of cute accordian striped ballerina flats, a pink camisole and a beautiful sheer button front blouse. Needless to say, I made a beeline over there as soon as my nails were done! And can I tell you guys…..MMMERCYI I found a few items that I loved [and bought….haul to follow :)], but while I was skimming the aisles, my gf beckoned to me that they had shoes IN MY SIZE !!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! I was thinking to myself that this was too good to be true, but I walked in that direction anyway.  I got over there, and sure enough they were shoes available in that size. I looked around a bit and was kinda lukewarm about most of them [they were cute but not cute enough for me to pay that much since it wasn’t love at first sight]. However, while looking at the mediocre section of wedges and flats, I saw out of the corner of my eye the most beautiful blue ever! I gasped and dashed over. Then I went through my mental steps:

1) Said to self: “I love these shoes! But I know if I’m this in love with it, my shoe size is definitely not here for this style” ……it was 😉 [and there were only 3 pairs of that shoe there including the display]

2) “Well if the shoe is here, I know it will say my size but my foot will STILL be too big for it”, as is usually the case when I fall in love with shoes [sigh….the trials of big feet] ……it was a perfect fit 🙂

3) “Well if it does fit, I’ll probably die from how uncomfortable they’re going to be, they will either hurt or I won’t be about to walk in them”….They were just fine!!! 😀

I looked at the price, and the deal was sealed…I was not leaving without these shoes!

*exhales* Now, onto the shoes 😀

Description: 3/4 platform, 5” heel; entire shoe, including platform and heel covered with bright blue suede fabric; peep toe; t-strap with extra middle strap [almost gladiator like, but dressy]; back zip closure

Cost: $ 29.99

Source: Simply Fashion

Brand: What’s Hot…

Hope you enjoy!!

ImageImageImageImage😀ImageImage 😀Image

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