My Birthday Gifts :)

Hey guys!!

So my birthday was on the 24th of June [yup I know I’m pretty late with this but bear with me] and I got a few really cute gifts.

– The first one I got was from my girl friend Rose [HI ROSEY!!! :)] .. It was a really cute jewelry box witn a boutique theme, complete with leather handle and metal and silver clasp closure. Inside is double layered with a removable top layer and each layer has different compartments. It also has a mirror.ImageImageImage

– From my sister I got….you guessed it…CLUTCHES! [guess she knows it easier to feed my addiction than try to avoid it, lol]. One is  fuchsia and the other is blue. The are both from red by marc ecko [nameplate on back of purse]…;too cute!! they have ruffles down the front center of the purse, with silver studs and contrast stitching on the middle bands. The fabric is faux snakeskin and they’re also lined with cotton fabric and feature an inside pocket. =D


Hope you guys like…please leave a comment as well as follow this blog, and follow me on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and instagram @kammie876 …thanks again and have a great day!

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