ELF Haul/ Mini Review!! + A Teenie Surprise :)

Hey guys! So I went ‘browsing’ on the elf site [I use the term loosely :)] for a few makeup brushes that were good quality but didn’t break the bank. I don’t know about most of you, but I am on a budget. After I found a  few brushes that I liked and added them to the cart, I decided it couldn’t hurt just to ‘take a look around’, Needless to say, I did minor damage :). To make it even better, apparently elf is celebrating their birthday, so they have a lot of offers you can get with a minimum purchase, so you KNOW I had to get in on that. At the time I did mine, they were offering a mystery bag with purchase. I picked up quite a few things, most of which I liked, at least to a certain extent. Hope you enjoy 🙂


This is a pic of all the items I purchased. They are:

– Stipple Brush [$ 3.00]

– Eyelash and Brow Wand [$ 1.00]

-Powder Brush [$ 3.00]

-Smudge Brush [$ 1.00]

-Brush Shampoo [$ 3.00]

-Bronzer [in Bronzed] [$ 2.00]

-Tinted Moisturizer [in Almond] [$ 3.00]

-Blush [in Mellow Mauve and Peachy Keen] [$ 3.00 each]

-All over Color Sticks [in Pink Lemonade and Persimmon] [$ 1.00 each]

-Shimmering Facial Whip [in Golden Peach] [$ 1.00]

Here are a few up close pictures of the varying categories of products:



Quick reaction: Love all the brushes, Great quality, and definitely get the job done. Blushes are good quality too. Not exactly the color I expected them to be from the picture, but luckily they still both work for my complexion. Tinted moisturizer was a good consistency, and felt very good on my skin, but was unfortunately too light for me, so I’ll have to try a darker shade next time Bronzer was a nice, velvety texture that went on smoothly, but due to the darkest shade not being dark enough to act as a bronzer for my complexion, will serve me better as a backup all over face powder. The all over color sticks were creamy and pigmented. I will be using those for eye and cheek looks. My least favorite product was the shimmering facial whip. It has a weird consistency [its ‘pastey’ but has runny liquid when you first open it]. That is somewhat remedied by excessive shaking before opening, but the ‘pasteyness’ of it is just a bit too much for me. It might work well for those who would like to use it as an eye shadow base [which is the only use that it might possibly have for me] but not a very good product for anything else in my opinion.


Shimmering Facial Whip consistency

Now on to the mystery bag. It was a bag with $ 20.00 worth of surprise goodies from elf when you make a purchase over $ 25.00 I believe [pretty good deal if you ask me :)]. Here are the contents that I received

– Powder Brush

– Elf Mineral Eye Shadow Kit in Nude

– Luscious  Liquid Lipstick

– Nail Polish

– Blush

– Eyeliner and Shadowstick

– Shimmering Facial Whip


And here are a few close up pictures of the mystery gift bag contents:




Eyeliner Shadow stick swatches

Reaction: Love the blush and the nail polish [will be ordering more nail polish in the future for sure :)]. The powder brush was a good quality, well made brush, but just a little soft for my liking [but I know many people love soft brushes, so go for it!]. The liquid lipstick is really sticky and doesn’t show up much on my complexion, but if you are fairer than I am or prefer a stickier lip product, then this is good. The eyeliner and shadow stick are great quality, even though they wont get much use from me only because I don’t wear silver/pearl shades often. I cannot speak on the mineral eye shadow kit because I haven’t opened it, because ITS PART OF MY GIVEAWAY!! 🙂 yay!! [in addition to a few other goodies! Coming up in a day or two. Way to enter to win will also be posted in a couple days! Good luck! Make sure to be a follower to get in on the action!!!! :D]

As always people, thank you so much for stopping by. I love all the love :)!! Please follow me on here as well as on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and instagram @kammie425. Also let me know if you have tried out any elf products recently. Do you like/dislike them? Are there any specific ones I should try or avoid? If you tried the Facial Whip, do you like it and how do you use it? Don’t forget to leave a comment, I love your feedback. Hope this haul/ review was helpful. Have a great day and come back and visit me soon! Love you guys!!

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