I’m back at it….again!! Nail Polish Haul!! :)

I’m telling you people, Walgreens and CVS are out to get me. Every time I walk in there looking for only ONE specific item [which in this case was some pain medication for a tummy ache], I end up with a collection of other items that were completely unintentional, but inescapable.

There’s something about a sale sign, especially when its attached to make-up, nail polish….some kind of beauty item, that makes my fingers tingle until I grab something [ahem…I mean, take advantage of the wonderful opportunity ;)].

So, while browsing the beauty isles, I spotted some ‘Sinful Colors’ nail polish, which is one of my favorite brands. They are good quality polishes, with quite a range of amazing colors. Just as I was about to proceed on my merry way, I saw the sign…the awesome sign that said ’99 cent sale’. Now ladies and gents, as you can see it was meant to be πŸ™‚ …. I bent down and began to select and ended up with 8. Feeling very accomplished I walked away from that counter, only to be ‘cornered’ by Wet N Wild nail polish next!!! Its the forces I tell you, the forces!! lol…I picked up two from that section as well [note: the only reason I picked up only 10 total is simply because I think I own all the others…smh…its official I have a problem]

Here are a few pics of the polishes, hope you like πŸ™‚ :



#950- ‘Savage’ – pretty bright summer blue


#102- ‘Purple Diamond’ – lavender frost


#103- ‘Black on Black’- patent black


#1105-‘Exotic Green’- very accurate name, Its like exotic wildlife green.


#947- ‘Mint Apple’- turquoise summery color


#298-‘Under 18’- frosty red


#961-‘Fig’- medium purple


#369-‘Ruby Ruby’- rich ruby red


‘Sunny Side Up’- creamy colored yellow-orange; almost sorbet-like


‘Sparkled’- Pink glitter

Which one was your favorite? Which one should be the next Nail of The Week feature? Please leave a comment and let me know :)…As usual thank you for stopping by, I am really honored. Please like this post, and follow my blog [great giveaway coming for my followers soon as well], and leave the link to your blog so I can follow you as well. Also add me on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and instagram @kammie876 …Look forward to hearing from you lovlies, have an awesome day!!!

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