Shoe of The Day

Shoe of the Day: ‘Teresa’ Wedge by Xhilaration

Really quick one today guys…So I got this shoe a couple months ago, and I’ve been meaning to do a feature on it, but haven’t really had the time. Anyway, back to how I came across this shoe. I was in target with my boyfriend shopping one day, and as usual, my feet [against my will] dragged me to the shoe section. I saw this same design but in a green and blue color combo instead. It was cute, but didn’t hold that wow factor for me. I then saw it in the color combo I have now, but it didn’t come in my size and it was also full price, which I was not willing to pay. Bummer right?!

Fast forward a few weeks, and I was back there again with my mom and a few other people from her office. I decided it couldn’t hurt to see if they were there in my size. And there they were!!! Yayness! But then my heart sank because I remembered the price and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for it for some reason. That’s when I saw it…while putting the shoe back down, I glimpsed the clearance label. Oh that glorious label that brings you from broken-hearted to thrilled in 1.4 seconds flat! I rushed and tried the shoe on, praying that it fit. And it did. From that point on the shoe was mine. I grabbed the box. and made a beeline for the checkout [after showing my mommy my wonderful find. She thought it was really cute on me but didn’t see why I needed yet another pair of shoes. You can never have too many shoes unless you own the factory, that’s what I say 🙂 ].

Here it is:


Close-up of the heel

Source: Target

Brand: Xhilaration

Cost: $ 14.98 [Originally $ 29.99]

Heel Height: 5″ heel with 1″platform

Colors: Light grey and bright yellow

Short Description: patent leather upper, with criss-cross straps; Open toe espadrille sandal; Braided wedge platform; buckle and hole closure; top-stitching detail on the straps; padded sole for extra comfort;

Hope you like :)… Let me know, do you own this shoe, or the other color combination [green/blue]? What are your likes/dislikes, whether about this shoe or the brand in general? Do you like wedges? Whats your favorite kind of shoe? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you! As usual, thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate the support. Don’t forget to like this page, as well as follow this blog. Also, leave me a comment with your blog name so I can follow you as well. If you have a twitter or an instagram, also add me: @iluvbeautie425 [twitter] or @kammie876

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