Nail Polish of The Week

Nail Polish of the Week: Or should I say Polishes? Purple on Deck!

Hey guys!

Firstly I must apologize for my temporary leave of absence…work was getting a bit overwhelming, and distracted me. I’ll strive not to let that happen again! 🙂 That being said, on to business!!

Featured this week are my two wonderful brands: ‘Sinful Colors’ and ‘China Glaze’. First off, I must say the quality of these polishes were on point from the start. I did two coats of the China Glaze for intensity and richness, but one coat would be just fine as well, since the color wasn’t streaky or watery. The ‘China Glaze’ polish is a creamy medium purple, and on its own it really makes a statement. The ‘Sinful Colors’ polish is a beautiful purple shimmer frost [and it must have really caught my eye people, for I am not a fan of frost polishes].

My first thought was to do a full manicure in the ‘China Glaze’ polish, with an accent nail in the ‘Sinful Colors’, but then I changed my mind. I wanted to do something I don’t normally do, which once again is frost it up. So I did my base coat, two coats of the ‘China Glaze’, and one coat of the ‘Sinful Colors’ polish. Lemmi tell you people, the two coats of ‘China Glaze’ underneath really did the trick! It made the shimmer so much more rich! But enough of my blabbering, lets get to the pics!! 🙂



Source: Sinful Colors- Walgreens;

China Glaze- Sally Beauty

Names: Sinful Colors- Purple Diamond #102

China Glaze- Spontaneous #233

Cost: Sinful Colors- $ 1.99

China Glaze- $ 6.99

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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