Guess what guys?? Its GIVEAWAY TIME!!

AHHHHHH!!!! I know right! I’m excited too! Excited to have you guys sharing part of my life with me through blogging and very excited to be alive to see another day :)…I promised a giveaway at 20 followers and you all got me there. Thank you much again and here we go!!

Firstly, the moment you all were waiting for…the prizes:

Third prize:

-Calvin Klein Splendid Strength Nail Fortifier Base Coat

– China Glaze Nail Polish in ‘Hang-Ten Toes’ [#1084]


Second Prize:

– Elf 100% Natural Mineral Eye Shadow Set in ‘Nudes’

– Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Gel Eyeliner in ‘Black Ice’ [#302]

– China Glaze Crackle glaze Polish in ‘Latticed Lilac’ [#1045]


First Prize:

– elfย Ultimateย Eye 5 piece eye set [including 6 color eye shadow palette, eye shadow applicator, eyelid primer, eyeliner and mascara]

– China Glaze Polishes: ‘Flirty Tankini’ [#1093]; ‘Hang-Ten Toes’ [#1084]; and Crackle Glaze in ‘Oxidized Aqua’ [#1047]

– Bath and Body Works Shower Gels: ‘Japanese Cherry Blossom’ and ‘Black Amethyst’


Good luck guys!

Now to the most important part: The Rules:

– You must be a follower of this blog and like this post.

– You must be a part of my social networking family on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and on instagram @kammie876

– Leave a comment on this post telling ‘What is your favorite beauty product and why?’ OR ‘What is your favorite beauty tip/trick?

– You must be 18 years of age or older, or have permission from your parents to enter, because I will need to send your prize to you

That’s it!! Yup really simple I know. This giveaway is open internationally, so don’t be shy!

I will keep entries open from now until August 31 at midnight Eastern Time. I will use a website to randomly choose the winner then I will notify you guys with a post on twitter and on here.

Have a great day guys


P.S….So it has been brought to my attention that not everyone has all the social networks that I stated as necessary to win…so I’ll do this to give everyone a fair shot… if you do not have the criteria listed above you need to add me on twitter OR instagram OR wordpress follower, AND share the giveaway on your facebook and whichever social fam you have.. The other rules such as age and commenting on the post still stand ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Guess what guys?? Its GIVEAWAY TIME!!

    1. Hi hun, did you share it on your social media? or just copy the link here? Dont forget to like and follow to get a shot at the giveaway, and add/share on your social media

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