Nail Polish of The Week

Nail Polish of the Week: ‘Ruby Ruby’ by Sinful Colors+ GIVEAWAY SIDENOTE

Hello lovelies!!

Time for the new nails again! I must admit, especially when it comes to my nails, I love to experiment with different colors. There is hardly a color I haven’t tried or won’t try. But I noticed this week, that for how experimental I can get with my tones and shades, I have never worn bright red nail polish!! I cannot believe I made it all the way to the ripe old age of 25 without wearing this gorgeous color! I have had many intentions of wearing it, but I guess when it all comes down to it, I never did get around to doing it….but delay no more!!! Here it is..and I gotta say I am in LUV!!!


Source: Walgreens

Brand: Sinful Colors

Polish Name: ‘Ruby Ruby’ [#369]

Cost: $ 1.99

Description: Rich jewel toned red; one coat is beautiful, but two is preferred for depthh and richness. High quality, not streaky

Hope you guys like. Tell me what you think of this color or if there are any other red polishes I should try. Also don’t forget to follow this blog for added info on upcoming products. Please join my social media family on twitter @iluvbeautie425 or on instagram @kammie876

GIVEAWAY SIDENOTE: Thank you so much for the 3 entries I have gotten so far. Please head over to the giveaway post to make sure you are properly entered if you’re interested in winning 🙂 ……so far all entries are a winner because there are 3 awesome prizes. Please enter if you haven’t already done so…..

Thanks again guys and have a great night!

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