Whoot Whoot: HAUL TIME!!! :)

Hi guys!!!

So I feel like its been ages since I’ve acquired any additions to my wardrobe….but a couple weeks ago I fixed that! Even though I only got a few items I am still quite pleased and cannot wait for a chance to wear them! 🙂

For those of my followers who do not know me personally, there is one thing I should probably state up front: There is hardly an article of clothing I own that doesn’t come from ROSS. I LOVE ROSS!! Like please understand the magnitude of my statement: for bargain shoppers, ROSS is like clothing heaven!! *cue dramatic music* I know many people like other bargain stores such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx and so forth, but they all pale in comparison to me….if you’ve never tried them out, drop everything right now and head there!! [OK..slow down…maybe not RIGHT now, finish reading this first :)].

Anyway, on to my awesome finds 😀

First up I’ll start off with a below the knee, black and white striped [horizontal] stretch knit skirt. Very simple but classic design. Its very hard to go wrong with classic stripes. It features an elastic waistband as well, so its suitable for a few different sizes of women. To be totally honest, I am not as pleased with the installation of the elastic waistband. I think it could have been done much more professionally [but maybe that’s just the designer in me speaking]. Regardless though, I am sure its going to be a great addition to my wardrobe. I might even do an alteration to the waistband if the feeling hits me. The designer was ‘Valia’ and this skirt was originally $ 26.00 but the Ross price was $ 10.99 for it.

Next up, we have a knee length, leopard print pencil skirt, with ruching [gathering] along the princess seams [the seam that goes down the front center of your thigh]. Its super cute and the size of the print makes it even more flattering for fuller figured ladies such as myself. The fabric is also stretchy and lightweight, perfect for pairing with . a classic patent red or nude pump. The ruching adds that extra detail to make the skirt even more unique.  The designer is ‘Tracy Evans’, and it retails for $ 42.00+ , but the Ross price was $ 11.99 .

Now on to the tops, I bought three of them. First up is a racerback, lace and chiffon tanktop. Its a delicate lace with floral detail in the front. and a draped chiffon in the back, with a large teardrop opening. The tanktop is a high-low design, and is perfect for layering over a plain strappy tank/tube top, for a dressier look. The designer is ‘Iris Basic’ and it originally retails for $ 18.00 but the Ross price was an awesome $ 7.99! 🙂

Secondly is my FAVORITE purchase of the bunch! Let me tell you guys, I have been searching for a top like this for months now, and the searches have only resulted in disappointment. They were either too small, too short for my height, or way out of my price range. Even Ebay didn’t work! Until now!!! I was about to skip over the section I found this in at first, because it seemed like such a small selection that I was sure nothing of my taste could be there. Then I remembered a key element of Ross: don’t assume, just look. So I did. And behold, there it was in all its glory: a floral lace peplum, short sleeved top, with a studded neckline, and an exposed back zipper!! It couldn’t have been more perfect! It was exactly what I have been wanting, down to the very last detail! I checked the size to make sure I wasn’t getting ahead of myself…and sure enough it appeared to be my size *cue the sprinting music as I dashed to the fitting room*. It fit, its perfect, and I am SOOOO HAPPY!!!!  The designer is Alice Moon and it retails for $ 32.00 but Ross had it for ……drumroll please…..$ 12.99!!! 😀

Now on to the last item of clothing: a simple long sleeved black chiffon top, with matchin upper pockets. Very classic, perfect for South Florida weather. Adds that extra air of sophistication to an otherwise ‘Plain Jane’ outfit. Very well tailored, also an awesome addition to my chiffon button-front shirt collection :). The designer is ‘Timing’ and it retails originally for $ 32.00, but the Ross price was $ 12.99.

And now on to the last item in this haul, a pair of wedges. Now let me say this: Ross is my go-to store for clothing, no matter what the occasion I can find it there; shoes, however, not so much. Don’t get me wrong now, they have an amazing selection of shoes to suit every style and fancy, but for those of us whose size is harder to find, it becomes very slim pickings. Usually when I go into the shoe section, I am almost expecting to be disappointed by what I find. But this time, boy was I wrong! I need to keep this Miami branch of Ross on my radar because the selection for my size was awesome. The shoes were stylish , and there were quite a few to choose from. I went for these because I loved the design, but mostly because….they were on CLEARANCE! I love that word! It makes me go to my happy place :). These wedges are about 6 inches, with a 1 1/2 inch platform, with horizontal stripes of black, cream, and purple. The straps are durable elastic and are quite comfortable, even though they are so high. The designer is ‘Madden Girl’ and they are originally $ 50.00, but were on clearance for $ 12.99!!!! Great find

Hope you guys like!! I love all my pieces and cannot wait to wear them. I will try and remember to take pics for you guys when I do! Tell me, which item was your favorite? Do you have any similar items in your wardrobe? Have you ever shopped at Ross? If so, what was your experience? I would LOVE to hear from you! As always, thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it. Please remember to like/follow this post and my blog for upcoming updates. I would also love to have you as part of my social networking family: add me on twitter @iluvbeautie425 or on instagram @kammie876. Look forward to hearing from you all soon…have a great night!!

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