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Day 6 of 31 Day Challenge: Violet Nails/Nail Polish of the Week: 2 Week Hangover by Spoiled

Hey guys, I’m back again!

Time for the quickie post….I must admit I’m so anxious to get to the black and white day [which is right after this one] that I almost forgot about this challenge. I had an idea in mind for it so I guess it made me get ahead of myself…oh well 🙂 Anyway on to today’s challenge: Violet Nails. I don’t have that exact shade [violet] but I got as close as I could to it.Enjoy!

Source: CVS Pharmacy

Brand: Spoiled

Polish Name: 2 Week Hangover

Price: $ 1.99

Thanks for stopping by! Catch you all next time!! 🙂

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