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Mini Haul!!!!! :)

So over the last couple week or so, I acquired a few items that I thought you all might like….not as much as I love them, but I’m sure you will enjoy. While waiting on a movie with my coworker, we did a little window shopping in Marshalls. I walked in there, and headed for my usual targets: shoes :). I admit that I don’ t luck out often in Marshalls when it comes to shoes, but when I do they definitely are worth it. This time was no exception. I took a look through my section and came across many different types, from the too high and dangerous, to the too low and boring [and many in between the two categories]. At the bottom of all the rows, was a pair of pumps. Glorious black pumps. Pumps with a leather look and feel, a round toe and a decent heel height, and to top it all off, the were G by GUESS!!! They also weren’t painful, which is what I expected to be honest.The icing on the cake: they were on clearance!








Source: Marshalls

Brand: ‘G’ by Guess

Cost: $ 25.00 [originally $ 60.o0]

Heel: approx 5′ with platform


We also walked into a store, on the same strip mall called ‘Madrag’. I know that store moved there only recently, because the last time I went to that area, a different store occupied that area. I looked through the window and noticed quite a variety of items, from leopard boots to halloween costumes. Since we were killing time, we figured it couldn’t hurt to go inside and take a look. The store featured both Miss and Plus Size clothing, shoes, purses, lingerie etc. quite the one stop shop. I liked quite a bit of the selection in terms of the fashion, but many of the items would be too short for my legs, even for casual wear, so I passed. Other items I intend to go back for if I have the money in time to catch those items.

That being said, I saw a pair of ankle-length, high-waisted leather leggings that called my name. I have been looking for them on ebay for quite some time now, so finding them here in this store, without having to wait on the shipping [and risking that they might not fit] was a blessing. They cost a little more than I wanted to spend but I still like them :). Look forward to pairing them with my other purchase in this post for an all black, chic look.





Brand: Madrag

Source: Madrag

Cost: $ 12.99


My next item was actually a gift from my daddy [Love you dad!] while he was here visiting. It was from Marshalls, and a very cute, yet practical purchase. It was an over-sized cream-colored clutch, and I love it! It features a weaved pattern, on both front and back, a detail that makes it stand out from other clutches I own. Its very chic, but still big enough for my phone, cards, lip gloss and key makeup products, without being bulky. It has a wrist strap if you prefer to wear it that way [even though I think I will be wearing it under the arm]. It has a magnetized flap [with hidden magnets] and zippered entry for added security, as well as interior pockets [both zippered as well as ones for cellphones and other smaller items].












Source: Marshalls

Brand: Urban Xpressions

Cost $ 19.99 [Originally $ 35.00]


Last up is my favorite purchase. I dance in my brain just thinking about it. For those of you who follow show designers, you must be familiar with Jeffrey Campbell and one of his most famous creations, the Litas. While in Madrag, I saw a pair of lookalikes with spike detail on the back and fell IN LOVE!!! They are so edgy, in that I’m-a-cute-rocker-girl-who-could-kick-your-butt kinda way. These shoes are sharp [literally] and just as fierce. I saw a lone foot on display in the back of the store, and instantly my heart began to sink. I was pretty sure they didn’t carry my size, and whats more, if they did, surely they must be out of it, for it appeared that this was the last pair of that style that I saw on display. I crossed my finger and picked up the shoe and turned it over to look at the size. I am pretty sure I let out a small shriek when I realized it was the last pair in the store…in MY SIZE!! I ran to the clerk to ask her for the other foot so I could try them on. They were lighter and more comfortable than they look, which cemented even more my determination to buy. I am so psyched right now..I’ll stop blabbering and just show them now! šŸ˜€
























Source: Madrag

Brand: City Snappers

Cost: $ 24.99


Hope you love them as much as I do :)…As always, I appreciate your stopping by! Please come again.. don’t forget to like and follow for upcoming posts as well as join my social networking family for updates on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and on instagram @kammie876. I look forward to hearing from you guys and have a great day!

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