Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey guys,

Yea I know…I have been missing in action forever and a day….I’m so sorry :(…work has been getting extra time consuming and I haven’t had much spare time to devote to blogging. I will try to improve on that asap, starting with this post. I missed you guys so much! Without further delay, lets get started.

I subscribe to quite a few online stores, to keep track of sales and awesome coupons. Even though at times, their advertising is a bit excessive [4-5 emails in one day isn’t necessary in my opinion], it does help to get a great online coupon when you’re looking to treat yourself and/or your loved ones.

A few days ago, I got a coupon in the mail from from Bath and Body Works. I smiled at it, but forgot all about it until I got another one of those fateful emails to my phone. I jumped on the site, and immediately saw the scent I wanted to own on the front page: Forever Red. Let me tell you guys, this scent is no joke. In my opinion, this scent is slightly musky, and very grown up; very sexy. It smells soooo good! A must have for your perfume collection. I got three of the sample sizes of the Eau de Parfum at a pretty good deal [2 for me and one for my sister]. Original price : $10 each, but they have an online special for $5 each right now.

Next up I got 2 Triple Moisture Body Creams. For those of us with dry skin, this is a two-fold treat: you get that awesome scent you love, while leaving your skin soft, moisturized and supple. The two scents I got were ‘Dreamy Vanilla Woods’ [a seasonal scent], and ‘Malibu Heat’ [a discontinued scent, from what I was told]. They’re both perfect for day and night wear, even though they give you two different moods. The Malibu Heat is an exotic scent with a blend of pineapple, orange and coconut milk. The Dreamy Vanilla Woods on the other hand is more of a cozy scent with creamy vanilla, white orchid and saffron inspired aromas. They were both on clearance to clear out inventory I suppose, so you know I had to take advantage of that. Original price: $12.50, but they were on clearance for about $6.75 each.

Here are a couple pics:















Hope you guys like :). Please leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite scents from B & BW are. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. If you like what you see, please follow and like for upcoming posts. I would also love  to have you all as part of my online family, so please add me on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and on instagram @kammie876. Look forward to hearing from you .

ONE LAST THING!!: For those of you who’d like to take advantage of the sale online at Bath and Body Works, here are a couple coupons [I used them and got 10 bucks off my order, plus one of my perfumes for free!!]

Valid until November 25, 2012- F126761 [its case sensitive so remember the capital F; also make sure to add $30 worth of merchandise to your cart for the $ 10 off. Enjoy :D]

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