MAKEUP MAIL!!!: Coastal Scents

Hey guys!

So have you all every battled with a purchase, whether beauty or otherwise? You want the item but you keep hesitating to buy it? You look at it, but then justify why you shouldn’t buy it and walk away, only to come right back moments later? I do this all the time!! And most of the time, I give in and get it anyway! [which makes me think I should have just followed my gut in the first place and got it :)]

I did the very same thing with this purchase. I have been back and forth to the coastal scents website for months, watching the sales appear and disappear on these items. I’ve gone from being all gung-ho to the point of placing the items in the cart, and then reconsidering at the last minute, and just closing the tab. All this did was prolong my yearning for these products. But no more!!!

I finally just closed my eyes and pressed checkout, and I’m so excited I did! The product came pretty quickly, like in about 4 days, with USPS. They were very carefully wrapped to ensure that they were not damaged, which I am definitely appreciative of. I bought  two palettes, the camouflage palette [with 10 concealer shades] and the 6 contour blush palette. The blush palette colors look highly pigmented, so I cannot wait to try them out. I have heard so many beauty gurus rave about the awesome creamy texture and coverage of the concealer palette, so I had to get it, especially since this is the particular item I have been eyeing for months. And ironically, I haven’t been wearing makeup for months now, but with these awesome buys, I am going to have to break out the kit!

Quickly onto pricing before the pictures, the concealer palette was on sale for $ 11.87,down from $ 16.95, and the contour blush palette was  also on sale at $ 13.27, down from $ 18.95 [yay for sales! :D]

Sidenote: They were also nice enough to send a I love Coastal Scents bumper sticker, and a mini quad eyeshadow palette!! Perfect for a neutral smokey eye on the go!

Now onto pictures:








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