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Shoe of the Day: Kessa Boots by Mossimo

Hi guys,

So first off, let me say ‘I am in shoe LOVE’! I’m not quite sure if this is a familiar term to you ll, but I am sure that the feeling is definitely shared.  I saw these boots and I’m sure my heart skipped a few beats…I am so excited I can barely type.

Whew! Now that I have that out of the way, let me tell you about these lovely finds. As many of you may know, the Mossimo brand is carried mostly by Target, so you already know where I picked this pair up. As per my usual, I went into Target for one specific thing, and left with way too many other things in addition to that item [which in this case was a new storage for my decently sized nail polish collection; also picked up some nice accessories on clearance…haul to follow]. I had every intention of walking in and getting the only item I needed and leaving, but who am I kidding?! Its like my feet have a built in magnet attracted to its match in the shoe and purse departments of any store.

After picking up more than I should have in the accessories, I headed over to the shoes. I saw a few things that were cute, at best, but nothing that really caught me. I walked through the clearance section hoping to find something on sale, but no luck. I walked a little further down the aisle and saw a pair of boots seeming to be by itself on one of the higher shelves. I glimpsed at it, and it was gorgeous! It had style, it was unique and it looked comfortable and wearable. Only one problem though, it was many sizes too small. I let out a big sigh, shrugged, and figured all hope was lost. It was just my luck, that the only size left wouldn’t be mine. Then I took a closer look as I was walking away…sitting there on the bottom shelf was one more pair of these awesome boots. I said to myself, what are the odds? THEY WERE IN MY SIZE!!! Ahhh!! I ran to the bench to try them on, and sure enough they did fit! I then looked at the price….eehhhh…not what I was hoping to pay, but with one more look at the boots I decided I couldn’t leave them, it just wouldn’t be right 🙂

Here are some pics of my new lovelies:


IMG-20121209-01079 IMG-20121209-01080 IMG-20121209-01081 IMG-20121209-01082 IMG-20121209-01083 IMG-20121209-01084 IMG-20121209-01085 IMG-20121209-01086 IMG-20121209-01088

Name: ‘Kessa’ Boots

Brand: Mossimo

Source: Target

Price: $ 34.99

Description: Black wedge platform ankle boot; approx 5 1/4″ heel with 1 1/4 ” platform; double buckle detail with zipper opening on inner shoe; suede and faux leather with padded insole;

Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂 Let me know, have you fallen in ‘shoe love’ with any shoes lately? If so, I’d love you hear about them [leave a link too so I can check them out]. As usual, thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. Please like/follow my blog for upcoming posts. I would also love to interact with you guys even more, so please join my social networking family on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and on instagram @kammie876. Talk to you all soon, love ya!

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