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You guessed it!!! Another Bath and Body Work HAUL!!

Hey guys!

Man I guess I really do have an addiction to ‘smell goods’, huh? It seems almost every time Bath and Body Works has a sale/event, I seem to find my way either to their actual store or to their website and get myself in trouble. Lol….oh well [All’s well that ends with a BBW purchase :)]

Now to get into the meat of the matter, the products! Before I speak about them though, I should mention that I got these in two separate trips to BBW, one in December and one in January. I say this because a few of the items I have in this haul may no longer be available [at least not in store….there is always BBW online clearance, and if all else fails EBAY!!! lol]

Now for the products. I’ll start off with the shower gels. I bought five of those. Only three are pictured here though [cause I already went IN on two of them…sorry I couldn’t wait for the post]. They are:

– Black Amethyst [BBW Description: ‘a sexy blend of spice and vetiver inspired by chic, sensual and confident women’; My thoughts: Sweet and fresh scent, definitely spicy, but in a good way!]

– Jingle Bellini [BBW Description:’a festive cocktail of peach champagne, apricot nectar, and powdered sugar’; My thoughts: one of my favorite BBW scents ever! Really sweet, leaves you feeling ultra yummy]

– Into the Wild [BBW Description: ‘a seductive blend of exotic mandarin, lush petals, and white woods, inspired by a sensuous escape into the jungle’; My thoughts: very pleasant, slightly sweet scent; not overpowering, but still noticeable, look forward to trying it :)]

– Aruba Coconut [BBW Description: ‘an island blend of creamy coconut, exotic lychee and white musk’; My thoughts: I am SOO excited to try this one, coconut scents are a real favorite of mine!! That coupled with lychee are a perfect combo :)]

– Forever Sunshine [BBW Description: ‘a fresh blend of golden apricot, pink peonies, and a hint of praline, that captures the romance of warm days that linger into cool autumn’; My thoughts: It has a fresh, slightly crisp scent, that definitely takes your mind wondering through a field. I am sure it would be great for those of you who want that feel of the outdoors, especially in the middle of the winter season]

Now, on to the lotions and body creams. I have 3 lotions and two tubes of body cream [both creams are the same scent].  They are:

– ‘Malibu Heat’ [BBW Description: ‘a fresh blend of juicy pineapple, California orange and creamy coconut milk, inspired by hot pink sunsets and twenty-seven miles of beautiful beach’; My thoughts: Well I’m sure you guys can see that I must have really liked this scent if its a repeat purchase from the last BBW haul. My only wish is that I had found it in a triply moisture body cream instead of the body lotion, because I have dry skin, so the BBW formula of lotions is simply for scent for me, not for effective moisture.

– ‘Twilight Woods’ [BBW Description: ‘a hypnotic blend of enticing fruits and warm cypress, inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods’; My thoughts: a slightly sweet, slightly musky fragrance, a grown up scent]

– ‘Jingle Bellini’ [BBW Description: ‘a festive cocktail of peach champagne, apricot nectar, and powdered sugar’; My thoughts: As I mentioned in the earlier shower gel review, ultra yummy!! Only wish I found this in body cream].

– ‘Bali Mango’ [BBW Description: ‘an exotic getaway of juicy mango, sugar cane, pink passion flowers and luscious nectarine’; My thoughts: MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE!! I love this scent, so much so that I also have the body scrub and the body spray. As a matter of fact, the only reason I don’t have more of it is because its not on a better sale yet, or I would’ve clear Bath and Body Works out! I got two body creams in this scent, because I know I’m gonna fly through using them both :)]

Now on to my final two items.,,,

The first one is the glowing body scrub [also in ‘Bali Mango’]. I don’t even have to go into detail about the scent, since I just did that. But this scrub is amazing! In addition to the classy glow that the shimmer gives you, the exfoliation it provides is simply divine [ashy, rough elbows beware!]. This product really gets down to business. Its extremely effective but not harsh, perfect for many skin types.

The last item is a wallflower refill in ‘Island Colada’ [can you all tell by now I LOVE island, exotic scents?! Not sure if I made it obvious enough lol]. It really has that pina colada vibe going on there. Can’t wait to plug it in after my current one is finished [I have ‘Bahama Fizz’ in at the moment. Very tropical and brightens my mood up every time I step in my room :)]



Well guys, that’s it for now! Hopefully you enjoyed it, and head out and try some of these scent for yourself. Once again, thanks for coming by, I appreciate the love! Please leave a comment telling me your favorite scent and product from BBW, or any other company for that matter, I’d love to try it out. Also don’t be shy, I wanna get to know all of you. Please send me a message or follow my blog for updates. And keep up with me from day to day on twitter @iluvbeautie425 and on instagram @kammie876. Love you guys and talk to you soon

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