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Shoe of the Day: ‘Kosmic’ Pump by Brash

Hey guys!

I’ll keep this one quick for you guys. I was on my way to grab lunch a few days ago at Firehouse Subs [you NEED to try their Strawberry Limeade and #10 meal if you haven’t. It is the business!], but decided to take a quick stop into Payless, since it was in the same plaza, and see if they had any good deals.

There were quite a few good deals and markdowns, especially when it came to boots, but I chose these because I just feel like there are a few staple colors of pumps that every woman should have in their arsenal, and nude/neutral is definitely one of them. I also have this shoe in a cobalt blue, which I haven’t gotten to wear more than once since no occasion has really called for it, and it was also a bit big [and I don’t want to be walking out of my shoes]. These shoes are also a tad too big, but I went to the sales lady and she showed me the inserts I can put into the shoes to make them fit better, so I will be trying them out and if they work I will also get them for the blue pair.

These pumps are made my ‘Brash’. They feature a 5′ heel with a 1 1/2′ platform. Its a neutral colored pump with a faux suede exterior, and a padded insole. Best of all, it was on sale, from $ 34.99 down to $ 17.00 [gotta love a sale :)]

Now for the pictures:


As usual thanks for stopping by everyone, I truly appreciate it! What’s your favorite pump? By which designer? Don’t forget to follow/like the blog and posts for upcoming features. Also join my instagram and twitter famillies [IG: @kammie876 ; twitter: iluvbeautie425]. Btw ….WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE NOW!!! Check out ILuvBeautie on facebook!

One more thing guys: I realize I am getting close to 2000 views, and I figured with another milestone to celebrate, I should do it through A GIVEAWAY!!! Yea guys, that’s right, a beauty giveaway will be coming up shortly [an international one too 🙂 ] So keep tuning in for your chance to win!

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