Velvet and Faux Leather Studded Tote

Hey guys!

Hope you’re having a great Monday so far :). I know I am at least attempting to. Have quite a few issues going on right now, but you have to believe things will improve and keep pushing for it right? Right! Anyways, on to this beautiful purse….

This is another recent Ebay purchase [yes people, I did say Ebay! If you have the time to look and the patience to wait you’ll find some really cute things there]. It also arrived with great timing, as did my previously posted purse, since they both were not even due to arrive until after March 6.

Now on to the details. This bag: AWESOMENESS!! Its edgy yet sophisticated at the same time. One side of the purse features a velvet finish with functioning decorative zippers and studding along the bottom third of the bag, while the other side is faux leather, with an outside zipper pocket [perfect for cellphone and any other small item you may need to find in a hurry]. It has faux leather handstraps as well as a shoulder strap, so you can wear it many different ways, depending on your style. Its certainly big enough to hold everything you need and then some, which is just how I like it! The faux leather and velvet are also very soft and supple, making the purse look alot more expensive than it really is. All the hardware is in a beautiful gold finish, with nice details such as the little animal on all the zippers. The inside features a zipper compartment as well as two open pockets. The purse cost $ 20.99, with free shipping!

Now for the pics:


Hope you all like it as much as I do! As usual, thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it! Don’t forget to like/follow this blog for upcoming posts and giveaways. Please leave a comment telling me what you think, I love hearing from all of you, and don’t forget to join my social networking fam so we can keep in touch: ILuvBeautie ; @iluvbeautie425 [twitter] and @kammie876 [Instagram]..

Love you all and talk to you again soon!!

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