Nail Polish of The Week

Nails of the Week: Sponge Gradient Nails

Hey guys!

A quick, fun, really easy manicure for you all to try out. I used pink, blue and white polish to create this look. You can use pretty much any color combo you think will look nice together. I just recommend you use a polish that isn’t sheer so you get the effect you want. Its super easy because its not made to be a ‘perfect manicure’ or too accurate. All you need are a few triangular makeup sponges, your nail polish color choice,base and top coat, and Magic Tape. You tape across the top and around the sides of all your nails, trying to get as close to your nail edge as possible [it can be a little messy and get polish on to you skin, so this just makes the cleanup easier].

Apply your basecoat. Make thin stripes of each nail polish color  next to each other on one edge of the sponge [make the colors overlap slightly]. Lightly pat the sponge on your nails, and repeat the process til you have your desired look. Remove the tape and add topcoat and your done!! :).

Colors Used:

– Wet n Wild Megalast ‘Tropicalia’ [#210C] ($ 1.99 at Walgreen)

– Essence Color & Go [Don’t see a name on the bottle..sorry guys] ($ 1.99 at Ulta)

– Spolied ‘Correction Tape’ [#S004] ($ 1.99 at CVS)

Now for the pics:


Hope you guys like. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think. I love hearing from you guys! Don’t forget to like/follow the blog for upcoming posts and follow our ILuvBeautie facebook page. Thanks so much for stopping by and have an awesome night!!

8 thoughts on “Nails of the Week: Sponge Gradient Nails

  1. Whoaaa! I HAVE to try that! That technique looks amazing. I’d like to try it in shades of blues. Or in red, white and navy.

    Check out my post on newspapered nails, if you haven’t seen that technique.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it…please send me a pic if you ever do try it out. I love newspaper nails. Will definitely be trying that one out too 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by

      1. I will! It seems I have a lot of new nail techniques to try and not enough time 🙂

      2. Lol I know the feeling all too well…by the way LOVE the newspaper nails tut its much easier than a few others I have seen. Will be following your blog right now. Keep up the good work!

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