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Color-blocked Fold-over Clutch

Hey everyone!

So someone needs to get on my case so I can be more consistent with my posts! I am so bad…I need to improve on this immediately. Help!

The bag being featured today is a color-blocked fold-over clutch, which I got on ebay. The top 2/3 of the bag is a taupe color, and the bottom 1/3 is black. Both sections are made of faux leather, even though I do kinda wish it had contrasting textures as well such as faux alligator or suede along with the patent faux. It has one main compartment with a zipper closure, which is located at the top or the bag. The interior section is lined and also features a zipper pocket.

One feature of this clutch, which I haven’t mentioned yet, is actually one of the things that drew me to this bag. It has a black faux leather strap that allows you to put your hand thru to hold it. Its different and I definitely appreciate that about it. It allows you to have some security while carrying it, and at the same time adds that extra bit of style. As mentioned before, I purchased it on ebay for $ 12.04.


Hope you all like!

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