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Walgreens Haul!!

Hey everyone!

On a recent stop to Walgreens with my mommy the other night, I ran across a few new items near the entrance and decided to check them out while she went to another section of the store. The first thing to catch my eye was a new eye-shadow display by Wet n’ Wild. There were two palettes in there, one that was mostly blue and purples, which I wasn’t really interested in, and a more neutral palette, which I fell in love with instantly. A long time ago, Wet n’ Wild used to have a ‘Vanity’ palette, which I do think was one of the best palettes they ever made, but they discontinued it [no bueno!]. Even though you can find the Vanity Palette online on Ebay or Amazon, but I have been on the hunt to find another comparable palette to let people know about when they inquire about a good and affordable neutral palette, especially because I have not been impressed with their neutral releases for a while now. I must admit, now that I have this palette home, and I’ve gotten a chance to swatch it, and use it, I am not as impressed with it as I was when I was admiring it in the check out line. The colors that I was looking forward to the most [the gold, and bronze shades] did not have as much color payoff as I expected from looking at them, and the goldish one was even more disappointing on the eye. Even when wet, it hardly showed up [even after priming as well as putting another gold eye shadow under it to help it pop]. The rest of the colors in the palette were pretty good though. Just incase I forgot to mention, the name of this palette is ‘Walking the Red Carpet’ (#34355), and they’re a limited edition release for about $8.

The next thing I decided to finally buy is something that I have seen and heard about for quite a few months, but I just hesitated because….well, I guess I just wasn’t quite ready to yet. It was a beautiful, rich red lipstick from the Kate Moss Collection, from the Rimmel London brand. It has  a lasting semi-matte finish that isnt drying with a gorgeous color payoff. I tried #107 in the line, and I am IN LOVE! If you are looking for a red lipstick that looks good on almost every skin tone, then this is the one for you! It retails for around $5.50

The last thing I tried out isn’t a beauty product at all. It was actually a series of new releases of instant medications that can dissolve on your tongue to instantly relieve a number of issues, from headache and heartburn, to upset stomach and a few other in between. I have tried a few of them so far and they haven’t worked for me so far, but I had high hopes for them. I thought they would be very handy because of how instantly they should get to work and how easy they are to carry around. They were around $1.50 each.

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3 thoughts on “Walgreens Haul!!

  1. Sorry the palette wasn’t quite as great as you’d hoped. Even knowing that I’m still so tempted to get it if I see it! I do enjoy the other 8 shadow palettes 🙂

    1. Its still an awesome palette! I’d say get it, it is worth the money! Since posting this review I must say that if you apply the gold and bronze shadows with your fingers in a patting motion, it is more pigmented if that helps. Go for it and thanks for stopping by!!!

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