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Product Review: Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Hey everyone!

Two weeks ago, while doing magazine tears from my massive collection so I could downsize, I came across an ad for two hair products that caught my eye. They were both from the company Ouidad, and their descriptions intrigued me.

They are formulated for curly hair, which I’m now rocking, as I no longer relax my hair. It is for dry and damaged hair  (I don’t suffer from damaged hair, but the curls can lean towards being a bit dry at times). What appealed to me the most when reading the ad was that it was a cleansing oil. I have seen quite a few of those for face, but  never seen one of those for hair before. And the fact that it was an oil says to me that it should be particularly effective in combating dryness.

The ad also showed a mousse like conditioner/styling primer. I decided to try them both out. I got the cleansing oil in the 2.5oz size just to test it out, but the mousse wasn’t in a smaller size so I had to get the full sized version  (I figured if both products work for my hair, then it’ll work out fine as I would naturally use much more conditioner and styling product than I would a shampoo). The shampoo cost  $8.99 and the conditioner/styling primer cost  $21.50)

My observations so far:

– A little goes a long way
– It has a good lather, especially for a sulfate free product
– It removes buildup gently
– Leaves hair feeling moisturized
-It rinses clean and leaves hair feeling clean but not stripped

– These products are a bit expensive
– Not amazingly moisturizing, but still feels pretty good

All in all, it did do what it said….it cleansed my hair and removed buildup. I’d still say it’s a good buy,and worth trying out. I would say though, get the smaller size to make sure you really like it enough to invest in the large size (fyi: I sourced both items in ebay). I’ll be trying out the styling primer soon, so I’ll let you all know my thoughts on that when I do. 



Hope you enjoy!
If you’ve ever tried this product, please leave me a comment letting me know what you thought about it. Thanks so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to follow ILuvBeautie both here and on Facebook for upcoming posts and awesome giveaways. Until next time, have an amazing day! =)

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