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Product Review: Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is also featuring a purchase from Sephora late last year (I really need to get that post up huh?). It’s a product I had been introduced to a few years ago by my mommy, but in a slightly different form.  We always  knew this product to come in a dark blue metal tin.

It had and still has a nice light rose scent, and a feel on the lips like a lighter, more sophisticated version of petroleum jelly. It does does very well at moisturizing the lips. The only issue we ever had with it was that it was in a tub. I don’t particularly like dipping a finger  (whether very clean out otherwise) into a product. If your fingers are clean, you’ll get stiff on them, and if they’re not so clean, then….well you’re transferring some serious germs. I remember saying to my mom years ago that it would be perfect if it came in a tube. And voila! Fast forward some time, and request granted!

This balm was on sale for around $5 I believe, though I’m not very sure of the regular price. I do recommend trying this product at least once, esp if you suffer from chapped lips. It also gives a nice moderate sheen,without looking like you basted your lips in crisco.


Hope you enjoy!

Have you all tried this balm, whether in the tube or the jar? What did you think of it? Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to follow ILuvBeautie both here and on Facebook for upcoming posts and amazing giveaways. Until next time, have an awesome day! =)

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