Black Faux Leather Bookbad

Hey everyone!
Today’s post is on a bag I got recently from JustFab. Justfab is a monthly subscription service that allows you to to choose one bag or one shoe a month from their  collection for $39.99. You can also choose to skip a month if you don’t see anything you want, by the 5th of the month, at no charge. Now usually, I skip months. But in this one instance, I forgot to, so my account was charged for a purchase, and I was yet to make a decision on what I wanted. I figured though, since I already paid for it, I would just browse around.
I did find some other nice ones , but nothing that looked like something I didn’t have before (I have ALOT of bags). But I remembered I do have a family trip to go on I’m December and I don’t have a bookbag for it. I definitely needed one as I knew I would not be trekking around with a handbag on excursions. Plus, I don’t have a bookbag in my collection, and it’s always good to have another addition.
After some narrowing dowb, I decided on this black faux leather bag. It is a good size. Not as big as a regular bookbag but still big enough to hold my essential items. It is lined with a white animal print fabric, and has an internal zipper section. It also has 2 front compartments on the outside, perfect for your phone or a set of keys. The faux leather is soft but feels very durable.  it also has both a drawstring and magnetic closures






Hope you all enjoy!  Have you ever made a purchase from JustFab? How was your experience?  What did you get? Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to follow ILuvBeautie both here and on Facebook for up coming posts and exciting giveaways. Until next time, have an amazing day! 🙂

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