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Milani Moisture Lock Lip Treatment

Hey everyone!
So today’s post is going to be on a new lip treatment by milani. Its supposed to be raspberry oil infused and help to lock in moisture. I found it at Walgreens in the new item section,for around  $8. They have a few different kinds as well, all infused with different oils, that are supposed to do different things
First off,it smells like cherry, (which doesnr annoy me even though I don’t like cherries),even though it has raspberry oil in it. Also, its a thicker tube with a very large doe-foot applicator. It is a slightly thicker consistency, and it is a comfortable feel in the lips. That being said, it does NOT moisturize in the least. It will just sit on top of your dry, cracked lips and make them shiny. That’s it!

All in all, do I think it’s worth getting? Unless you’re just looking for something to add shine, then absolutely NOT. 





Hope you all enjoy!  Has anyone tried this product or any of the lip treatments they just released?  If so, what are your thoughts? I love hearing from you! Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to follow ILuvBeautie both here and on Facebook for upcoming posts and fun giveaways. Until next time, have an amazing day!! =)

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