Purses!! :D Bittersweet EBAY experience

So this is a bittersweet story guys….. In addition to my nail polish issue [ahem…addiction :)]…I also have an extremely strong, irresistible inclination towards purses. Clutches, totes, hobos, satchels…you name it, I WANT IT! With this kind of liking, EBAY has become one of my best friends, and sources for finding great deals on bags [you all should try them out one day, it is sheer awesomeness!].

Now I am not quite sure what kind of budget each of my readers is on. I am sure it varies from person to person. I,, however, am on a ‘lower-end-of-the-spectrum’ type of budget [i.e. If the purse, including shipping, is more than $35, it is a purse obviously not meant for my ownership at this point in my life]. So, when I can find cute and affordable, my fingers begin to click and before I know it, I have a confirmation email thanking me for my purchase.

One other thing I do find that helps out my budget is purchasing items that are made and shipped from China. They are quite often just as good in quality as the brand name bags, just without the label [which I do not mind being without]. The biggest issue I find with ordering from China though can also be viewed as a blessing in disguise….almost everything I order from there takes about a month to get to me. Usually when you buy something cute, you want that instant gratification. You want to hold it, wear it, take pictures so you can blog on it, etc., so waiting that long feels like an eternity! The good thing about waiting that long though is that after you get over that initial impatience, sometimes you forget you even ordered anything. That way, when it comes, its like a surprise gift to yourself!! [Yes, I’m crazy I know, but it brings me joy twice].

My latest purchase consisted of two bags. One was a light grey, studded bottom, faux leather duffel tote bag. It was big cute and functional. It has 2 hand straps, but also comes with a shoulder strap. Each side of the bag has 2 vertical zips, and the brown interior has a zipper pocket as well as 2 other open pockets. As soon as I got this bag, I put it to good use, switching all my personal items over to it, and making it my everyday handbag. Even though I did love the look of this bag [and I still do], i have an issue….for the first time since I started ordering from EBAY, have I purchased a bag that was not high quality. I am disappointed. The faux leather didnt seem soft or supple, it felt somewhat cheap. The bag began to quickly crack, especially at the handles, and has even started to look a bit dingy. The main zipper even began to tear and fray. I have never had this problem before, and I have only had the bad for about 3 weeks. It cost me about $ 23.00 including shipping, which doesn’t break the bank, but at the same time bothers me because I really did like it. Here are some pictures of the bag, as well as a few shots of the damaged areas:


The second purse I purchased…….AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Its so pretty!! The color got me while I was scrolling down all the options to buy. Its the perfect pop of color to liven up any outfit! Its like one of the richest teals you have ever seen. Its a satchel type bag, with buckle detail and gold hardware. It features a single handstrap on top and a twist-to-close closure [in addition to a concealed zipper underneath for added privacy and security. It also has two front slanted zipper compartments for added flare. The interior also has a zipper compartment, and this bag does come with a shoulder strap should you choose to wear it that way. I am MUCH more pleased with this purchase. It may be smaller than the other one, which is not usually my preference for an everyday bag, but it still holds a great deal. I also am quite happy with the fact that the purse has a zipper making my items even more secure. The texture and quality of the bag is much better, and did I mention the COLOR??!! Mercy! This purse cost me $ 25.00 including shipping and so far, it is worth every penny!!


Hope you guys like!! 🙂 For any of you that do shop on ebay, or any other website that has cute, affordable bags, please let me know where I can get in on the action!! As always thanks for stopping by. Please leave me some love, and like andfollow my blog for more future posts. Also feel free to join my social networking family on twitter @iluvbeautie425 or on instagram @kammie876. Look forward to hearing from you all and have a wonderful evening!

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