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‘Moda Luxe’ Quilted Satchel….

Hey everybody! During the Black Friday sale last year, I visited the Target website after getting an email newsletter from them saying that their accessories were all buy one, get one 50% off. After searching for about half an hour, I came across these satchels, and completely fell in love with them. They are by… Continue reading ‘Moda Luxe’ Quilted Satchel….

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‘Like Dreams’ Cream Satchel with Gold Studs

Hey everyone! This post will be on an awesome satchel from the company ‘Like Dreams’, its a decently sized handbag, certainly not the biggest purse I own, but still rather large. Its pretty structured, so it holds its shape and can stand up on its own, but is still a soft faux leather fabric. It… Continue reading ‘Like Dreams’ Cream Satchel with Gold Studs


Purses!! :D Bittersweet EBAY experience

So this is a bittersweet story guys….. In addition to my nail polish issue [ahem…addiction :)]…I also have an extremely strong, irresistible inclination towards purses. Clutches, totes, hobos, satchels…you name it, I WANT IT! With this kind of liking, EBAY has become one of my best friends, and sources for finding great deals on bags [you… Continue reading Purses!! 😀 Bittersweet EBAY experience