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‘Like Dreams’ Cream Satchel with Gold Studs

Hey everyone!

This post will be on an awesome satchel from the company ‘Like Dreams’, its a decently sized handbag, certainly not the biggest purse I own, but still rather large. Its pretty structured, so it holds its shape and can stand up on its own, but is still a soft faux leather fabric. It features double straps, so you can carry it in your hand or even on your arm. It also comes with a shoulder strap if you prefer wearing it that way.

The front and sides of the satchel are studded with gold studs. The front features three semi-circles of studs: the outermost row has conical studs, the middle row has taller, tubular flat-top studs, and the innermost row has small circle studs. The sides of the bag have conical studs.

The back of this handbag has an outside zipper compartment, perfect for storing things you need quick access to like a chap-stick or car/house keys. This purse has a top zipper closure with a large interior, which houses both a zipper compartment and two open pockets. I purchased this beauty at Ross, for around $26.



Hope you enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “‘Like Dreams’ Cream Satchel with Gold Studs

  1. Heck I’m not even a big fan of studs but the way your described it..make me wanna go out and buy one..(if I wasn’t low on cash that is..o phewie 😦 …)

    1. Awww!! Thanks so much for stopping by :)…..[if its any consolation, I’ve had it for a while now just forgot to feature it]. I hope you come across one you can get soon 😀

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