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Product Review: ORI Moisture Rich Conditioner

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is on a conditioner I’ve had for months now but I’ve honestly never tried out before today. It came in a Curlkit  (a hair product subscription service I used to use to try out new products for natural hair) some time ago. I recently had my hair in braids for a while, so I wasn’t trying any new items out until I removed them to make sure I could fairly review each item.  

This conditioner came in a full size bottle, giving you more than enough product to form an opinion on. Forest off, I must say I like the simple clean packaging of the product. And it smells AMAZING! Oh so yummy!! It’s also very, very rich and creamy. I found that a had to use quite a bit, even though I have short hair, as it doesn’t have much slip or spreadability. But while it’s on your hair, it feels great. It seems like it would also be very good to deep condition with under a hooded dryer.

I used it after shampooing my hair once, and let it sit in my hair while I took my shower and got dressed, then I rinsed it out. It surprised me with how easily it rinsed out, given how much product I had to use to coat all my strands. It also left my hair very moisturized, and I only lost a few strands during detangling, which is always a positive.

All in all, I would say this is a pretty good conditioner. I love how it leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable, and even provides a slight sheen. My only qualms with the product are:
-it takes quite a bit of it if you have thick or curly hair, so it won’t last you as long as you’d like
-it doesn’t provide much ‘slip’ to strands, which make it slightly more tedious to detangle.

I think this is definitely worth the try  though, particularly if you have thick or curly hair





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